The swimming’s begun!

Yay!  I’m on my way.  Today’s adventure was to tackle the pool.  I swam for 15 minutes and managed 12 laps — 3 front crawl, 2 kicking and the rest breast stroke.  12 laps is 300m or 1/5 of what I need to accomplish for the triathlon.  300m is a long way from tonight’s Olympic debut of the swim marathon (21:00 EST…. in cast you want to watch it!), but it’s a starting point.  I’m only going to get better from here.

Swimming is way, way more work than walking, so I feel like I’m at least on the path to my triathlon.  That being said,  I am completely exhausted:  tired from getting up all night to feed the little one and muscle tired from swimming today.  There’s a chance that 12 laps might prove to be too much for my 4.5 week post c-section body.  I’ll find out tonight or tomorrow morning if that proves to be the case.  

On the topic of swimming being more work that walking.  I pulled out my old weight watcher’s books at lunch time.  I joined weight watchers after the birth of baby #1 (went from ABC-DEF…. then I stopped going and went right back to ABC!).  Walking for 20 minutes is only 1 point worth of exercize — approximately the caloric equivalent of eating an apple. I’m going to need to do a lot more walking, and pick up the pace if I want it to have any health, calorie, weight loss effects.


Not the only triathlon new mom out there

I’m glad I settled on my plans before reading about Jennifer Lopez‘ plans to do a triathlon.  She’s headed for one this fall — at 8 month’s post-partum.  Good for her.  She looks fantastic in the photo linked above.  Something for me to dream about.

Jennifer Lopez is of course not the only source of inspiration out there.  Have you seen the women’s triathlon? If not — check out the story and the video on CBC.  These women are amazing.  So fit, so powerful and very, very speedy.  I read in the paper that the youngest is 19 and she’s also the heaviest competitor at 137lbs.  Hard to imagine that much power and speed at so low a weight, but these women do it.

My walks are still going well — not every day, but most days and next week’s (perhaps even later this week) will be the next big step:  the pool.

It’s not about the weight…

After some thought, I realized that my first post was mostly about weight.  My training for a triathlon has little or nothing to do with trying to loose weight.  I’m training to get fit.  I’m training so that I can lead a full life.  I’m training so that I never turn down an opportunity to do something, because I’m too out of shape to do it.

I want to be swimming, biking, hiking, trail running, paddling and otherwise doing what ever it takes to be active with my family.  Keeping up with two boys requires stamina and strength.  Don’t be confused, I’m not doing it for them.  They are going to be active regardless.  I’m doing it for me, because I want to be out there living life. 

That being said: baby just fell asleep and I’m off for a walk.  More to follow.

Getting Started

Well, it’s 3 weeks after the birth of baby #2, and c-section #2 (was hoping for a VBAC!).  I’m up and around and walking the dog, but of course am never as active as I would like to be.  

My weight went up to ABC with this pregnancy.  Yikes!  That’s way higher than I’d ever hoped to see the scales hit.  At least with pregnancy #1, it never went over ACB.  I’m hoping to get down to ABC-20 (pre-pregnancy weight) by the end of August — 6 weeks post partum.  That’s what I did last time, and I had the same starting weight.  We’ll see.  Lots more walking to do in between now and then.
As baby will likely wake up soon, let’s quickly get to the point.  My objective over the next 14 months is to train for an olympic triathlon.  Yes, the complete: 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run.  And yes… I’m starting as someone who walks the dog and took pregnancy aquafit for the last 10 months.
I’m going to use this blog to track my training plans, my execution of the training plans, a few posts will be about weight and weight loss and occasionally there will likely be mentions of my wonderful kids.