It’s not about the weight…

After some thought, I realized that my first post was mostly about weight.  My training for a triathlon has little or nothing to do with trying to loose weight.  I’m training to get fit.  I’m training so that I can lead a full life.  I’m training so that I never turn down an opportunity to do something, because I’m too out of shape to do it.

I want to be swimming, biking, hiking, trail running, paddling and otherwise doing what ever it takes to be active with my family.  Keeping up with two boys requires stamina and strength.  Don’t be confused, I’m not doing it for them.  They are going to be active regardless.  I’m doing it for me, because I want to be out there living life. 

That being said: baby just fell asleep and I’m off for a walk.  More to follow.


One Comment

  1. Go for it! My baby is 3 months old and I googled “post partum triathlon” and there you were! I’m training for a sprint tri at the end of Sept. She’ll be about 5 months old. I did nothing during pregnancy, but have been working out steadily for about 6 weeks now. I think it’s doable. Just look at your baby and think – If my body can do THAT, I can certainly do this!



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