Not the only triathlon new mom out there

I’m glad I settled on my plans before reading about Jennifer Lopez‘ plans to do a triathlon.  She’s headed for one this fall — at 8 month’s post-partum.  Good for her.  She looks fantastic in the photo linked above.  Something for me to dream about.

Jennifer Lopez is of course not the only source of inspiration out there.  Have you seen the women’s triathlon? If not — check out the story and the video on CBC.  These women are amazing.  So fit, so powerful and very, very speedy.  I read in the paper that the youngest is 19 and she’s also the heaviest competitor at 137lbs.  Hard to imagine that much power and speed at so low a weight, but these women do it.

My walks are still going well — not every day, but most days and next week’s (perhaps even later this week) will be the next big step:  the pool.


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