The swimming’s begun!

Yay!  I’m on my way.  Today’s adventure was to tackle the pool.  I swam for 15 minutes and managed 12 laps — 3 front crawl, 2 kicking and the rest breast stroke.  12 laps is 300m or 1/5 of what I need to accomplish for the triathlon.  300m is a long way from tonight’s Olympic debut of the swim marathon (21:00 EST…. in cast you want to watch it!), but it’s a starting point.  I’m only going to get better from here.

Swimming is way, way more work than walking, so I feel like I’m at least on the path to my triathlon.  That being said,  I am completely exhausted:  tired from getting up all night to feed the little one and muscle tired from swimming today.  There’s a chance that 12 laps might prove to be too much for my 4.5 week post c-section body.  I’ll find out tonight or tomorrow morning if that proves to be the case.  

On the topic of swimming being more work that walking.  I pulled out my old weight watcher’s books at lunch time.  I joined weight watchers after the birth of baby #1 (went from ABC-DEF…. then I stopped going and went right back to ABC!).  Walking for 20 minutes is only 1 point worth of exercize — approximately the caloric equivalent of eating an apple. I’m going to need to do a lot more walking, and pick up the pace if I want it to have any health, calorie, weight loss effects.


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  1. Hi there,
    I loved that I found your blog. I am training to do triathlons as well. I am going to start with some sprints next summer. I have two little ones as well and work full time. So, training is usually after 9 p.m. or during my lunch hour. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.



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