Pestilence ruled our house last week

Yuck. We all had the flu. I was home with the boys who still had lots of energy despite being banned from daycare for the flu. We had a good week (despite feeling miserable), but there was no exercize or triathlon training to be had… let alone blog updates.


I’m exhausted

I’m exhausted. My muscles aren’t sore, just tired. Tired going up the stairs. Tired carrying around toddler and/or baby. Just plain tired.

Good news is I got in my second swim today. I swam for a steady 20 minutes – no breaks. Overall my body must be adjusting to this new bump in exercize. Bootcamp runs again tomorrow… so no break there.

Hopefully by the time my month of boot camp is over, I’ll be used to this level of activity. I’m hoping to replace boot camp with running (as opposed to my walking efforts to date). Running should be just as tough as boot camp — provided I push myself enough.

Not sure when or where the bike will become a factor. I think I’ll need to get an indoor trainer of some kinds. I just wish they weren’t so loud. At the gym I always liked the eliptical machine: it was fun and peaceful. For biking, I’m not confident I can wait until the spring and get from 0-40km before race day. What a lot of work triathlon training is. You can’t just worry about fitting in exercize, you’ve got to juggle lots of different exercize.

Off to bed.

OMG | I am soooo sore

For those of you who do regular exercize, this might not be anything new. For me, I’ve reached a whole new level of sore. My muscles hurt on the outside of my body. When I touch my stomach — to shower, to roll over in bed, what ever — my muscles hurt on the outside. It feels like I’m touching a massive bruise… only it’s just sore muscles.

All that and I’m not even doing all the boot camp exercizes. I’m skipping the exercizes that target my lower abs, as my c-section is too recent to take them. I’d better see the % body fat number go down on my scale this month!

The other women in my class crack me up. The instructor asked how we were feeling at the beginning of class and everyone one was a chorus of ‘good’, ‘great’, ‘full of energy’. Not me: I piped up… sore! During our circuits the instructor adds more weight to some of the exercizes. By round three your pretty tired and not always happy to have the extra weight. One of my classmates echoed my thinking as she tackled one of the free weights: What if I can’t lift this new weight? And she meant exactly what I had thought… it’s not what if I can’t do the reps, it’s what if I can’t even get the weight off the ground?

Soreness aside, I figure this is good training and practice for my triathlon training. Boot camp is giving me a jump start on my fitness regime. Next week should prove interesting, when I add swimming back into the mix.

Boot camp kicked my ass!

I started my ‘post-partum boot camp’ class this morning. It was tough. Fortunately our instructor is not an army sargeant, and so when my body said ‘that’s enough’ on our third circuit of drills, there was strictly encouragement. The class is fantastic. It’s small — only 8 women, so there’s lots of individual attention. Furthermore, we’re all in the same boat — trying to get our pre-pregnancy bodies back, so there’s no need for embarrassment about your body or your abilities.

The class started with ‘spinning’. I knew that was riding a stationary bike, but it turns out there’s more to it. For me — and my triathlon training, this was a great place to start, as the instructor had us doing drills on the bike, which I figure will do nothing but help. After a spinning warm-up, we moved onto circuit training. There were fancy pushups, squats, ab exercizes and we worked with kettlebells.

Have you ever seen one of these kettlebells? They don’t look terribly difficult, but proved to require much more coordination (and perhaps strength) than I had this morning.  Apparently the Russians originally made them from cannon balls that they no longer needed and attached a handle make them useable.  All we were trying to do today was pick them up and try to get them swinging.  You’re not supposed to lift them with your arm muscles.  Here’s a video of the basic move — you can do it two handed (like the video) or one handed (like my class).  I can’t get the ball up to my waist, let alone as high as the video shows.

Boot camp lasts for 4 weeks. At the very least I feel great (but tired!) after class. It should also help with my % fat figure on the scale at home.

My walking continues and swimming starts next week. Still no work on the training plan…but again I’ll get there. Right now I’m trying to recover from class number one and am wishing that my little bean didn’t want to be held quite so much. He’s heavy and my arms/shoulders/chest/back muscles are all tired and about to be sore.

Pool closings

Apparently my city has no idea how difficult it is for new mother’s to coordinate feedings, diaper changes, transportation and baby sitters. If they did, they would keep there web site up to date. You cannot imagine how annoyed I was this morning when I had finally arranged for a baby sitter (one who would come to the pool with me… as with a 2 hour feeding schedule you can’t get to the pool, swim and get back home before the next feeding time), had baby fed and me ready to go swimming only to arrive at the pool and find out that they are closed for repairs this week.

I checked the web site: new fall schedule starts September 2… today is September 3, but they weren’t ready yet. This postpones my swimming for 2 weeks as I don’t have a sitter for next week. Ahhh!

They’re gone!

It turns out that having visitors is not conducive to either exercise or blog updates. My in-laws have been visiting for a week and I think I got in one or two walks the whole time there were here.   They left last night and I’ve already been for two long walks.

I read an article in iRun (new Canadian running magazine) this morning that said that the first part of your body that is ready for exercise after a baby is your brain, and that you need to put that part of your brain on hold and wait for your body to catch-up.  I couldn’t agree with that more.  I keep pushing for longer walks, but then I get home and my abdomen gets crampy.  It’s under control, but I certainly couldn’t start jogging just yet.

Should any new post-partum mom be reading this, my best advice is to follow your Dr/midwife’s instructions and don’t do too much too soon.  I was lifting my 2.5 year old (on rare occasions) and lifting the new one in is car seat too early and it’s most definitely set me back.  My Dr said to expect to be back to my old self at 6 weeks… but I’m not there.  I still can’t lift heavy things (aka the car seat and my older son).  I’m guessing that if I hadn’t been so quick to try and do ‘everything’ that I’d be further ahead in my recovery.