They’re gone!

It turns out that having visitors is not conducive to either exercise or blog updates. My in-laws have been visiting for a week and I think I got in one or two walks the whole time there were here.   They left last night and I’ve already been for two long walks.

I read an article in iRun (new Canadian running magazine) this morning that said that the first part of your body that is ready for exercise after a baby is your brain, and that you need to put that part of your brain on hold and wait for your body to catch-up.  I couldn’t agree with that more.  I keep pushing for longer walks, but then I get home and my abdomen gets crampy.  It’s under control, but I certainly couldn’t start jogging just yet.

Should any new post-partum mom be reading this, my best advice is to follow your Dr/midwife’s instructions and don’t do too much too soon.  I was lifting my 2.5 year old (on rare occasions) and lifting the new one in is car seat too early and it’s most definitely set me back.  My Dr said to expect to be back to my old self at 6 weeks… but I’m not there.  I still can’t lift heavy things (aka the car seat and my older son).  I’m guessing that if I hadn’t been so quick to try and do ‘everything’ that I’d be further ahead in my recovery.


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