Boot camp kicked my ass!

I started my ‘post-partum boot camp’ class this morning. It was tough. Fortunately our instructor is not an army sargeant, and so when my body said ‘that’s enough’ on our third circuit of drills, there was strictly encouragement. The class is fantastic. It’s small — only 8 women, so there’s lots of individual attention. Furthermore, we’re all in the same boat — trying to get our pre-pregnancy bodies back, so there’s no need for embarrassment about your body or your abilities.

The class started with ‘spinning’. I knew that was riding a stationary bike, but it turns out there’s more to it. For me — and my triathlon training, this was a great place to start, as the instructor had us doing drills on the bike, which I figure will do nothing but help. After a spinning warm-up, we moved onto circuit training. There were fancy pushups, squats, ab exercizes and we worked with kettlebells.

Have you ever seen one of these kettlebells? They don’t look terribly difficult, but proved to require much more coordination (and perhaps strength) than I had this morning.  Apparently the Russians originally made them from cannon balls that they no longer needed and attached a handle make them useable.  All we were trying to do today was pick them up and try to get them swinging.  You’re not supposed to lift them with your arm muscles.  Here’s a video of the basic move — you can do it two handed (like the video) or one handed (like my class).  I can’t get the ball up to my waist, let alone as high as the video shows.

Boot camp lasts for 4 weeks. At the very least I feel great (but tired!) after class. It should also help with my % fat figure on the scale at home.

My walking continues and swimming starts next week. Still no work on the training plan…but again I’ll get there. Right now I’m trying to recover from class number one and am wishing that my little bean didn’t want to be held quite so much. He’s heavy and my arms/shoulders/chest/back muscles are all tired and about to be sore.


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