OMG | I am soooo sore

For those of you who do regular exercize, this might not be anything new. For me, I’ve reached a whole new level of sore. My muscles hurt on the outside of my body. When I touch my stomach — to shower, to roll over in bed, what ever — my muscles hurt on the outside. It feels like I’m touching a massive bruise… only it’s just sore muscles.

All that and I’m not even doing all the boot camp exercizes. I’m skipping the exercizes that target my lower abs, as my c-section is too recent to take them. I’d better see the % body fat number go down on my scale this month!

The other women in my class crack me up. The instructor asked how we were feeling at the beginning of class and everyone one was a chorus of ‘good’, ‘great’, ‘full of energy’. Not me: I piped up… sore! During our circuits the instructor adds more weight to some of the exercizes. By round three your pretty tired and not always happy to have the extra weight. One of my classmates echoed my thinking as she tackled one of the free weights: What if I can’t lift this new weight? And she meant exactly what I had thought… it’s not what if I can’t do the reps, it’s what if I can’t even get the weight off the ground?

Soreness aside, I figure this is good training and practice for my triathlon training. Boot camp is giving me a jump start on my fitness regime. Next week should prove interesting, when I add swimming back into the mix.


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