I’m exhausted

I’m exhausted. My muscles aren’t sore, just tired. Tired going up the stairs. Tired carrying around toddler and/or baby. Just plain tired.

Good news is I got in my second swim today. I swam for a steady 20 minutes – no breaks. Overall my body must be adjusting to this new bump in exercize. Bootcamp runs again tomorrow… so no break there.

Hopefully by the time my month of boot camp is over, I’ll be used to this level of activity. I’m hoping to replace boot camp with running (as opposed to my walking efforts to date). Running should be just as tough as boot camp — provided I push myself enough.

Not sure when or where the bike will become a factor. I think I’ll need to get an indoor trainer of some kinds. I just wish they weren’t so loud. At the gym I always liked the eliptical machine: it was fun and peaceful. For biking, I’m not confident I can wait until the spring and get from 0-40km before race day. What a lot of work triathlon training is. You can’t just worry about fitting in exercize, you’ve got to juggle lots of different exercize.

Off to bed.


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