Has it been a month?

Oops.   So much for keeping regular updates.


It’s been a busy month.  To summarize:

  • No sugar month would have been more accurately as less sugar month.  I’m going to strive to do better in November
  • Frustrated with my last of weight loss, I joined weight watchers.  Nursing and doing tons of exercize, but maintaining the same weight… obviously a mix of food choices and portion size were getting in the way of weight loss progress.  I’m down 7lb in WW land, after 2 weeks on the program. 
  • Exercize is still crunching along.  I aim to swim twice a week, but had 2 of 4 weeks in October with no swimming.
  • My ‘boot camp’ class ran through October.  I hate, hate, hate the spinning portion, but love the core exercizes and the weights.  For November, I’m going to go it on my own.  We have tons of exercize equipment (not sure what, but there’s a bunch of it) in the basement. I’m going to dig it out and work with it twice a week in November.  If that works out well, I’ll keep going in the basement.  If not, I’ll look for a new exercize class with more weights and less spinning.

That’s about it.  

My only other big revelation of the month is that: this is going to be harder than I originally thought. Really moving from walking around the block to 10km is a big effort.  It feels attainable, but only when I forget that I’m also trying to up my swimming.  I can now swim 4-8 lengths (25m each) of the pool in a row, doing front crawl. After that I need to take a break and do some breast stroke before switching to crawl.  When I’m in the pool, this feels like great progress (it’s up from 1 length of crawl!).  When I’m out of the pool and in analytical mode, I realize that the Olympic is the equivalent of 60, 600, 6000 or some other seemingly unattainable number of lengths.

I’m going to endeavour to be better at updating everyone on the minutia of my progress over the next month.  That makes for 3 mini objectives:

  • no sugar
  • core/weight exercize program at home
  • blog updates

We’ll see how it goes.


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