I’m a runner

The weirdest thing happened on my run/walk  session on Wednesday.  I had just finished my 5 minute walk warm up and hadn’t run for 2 blocks, when I started thinking:  this is fun; I’m so glad I’m out here; running makes me feel like I’m doing exercize (vs walking which makes me feel like I’m doing fat suburban mom exercize).  


As soon as these thoughts popped into my head, I realized that I was enjoying running.  For anyone who runs, this might come as a strange statement, but not for me.  I’ve been running on and off for 6 years.  Yes, 6 years!!  I’ve taken the learn to run (0-5km) class more times that I care to remember and for the most part and hate every minute of it.  It’s hard; I feel slow; I want to be at home eating potato chips rather than out there showing my legs to the world in a pair of shorts.  


I’ve finally crossed into the camp of people who enjoy running.  After and during my run I spent some time thinking about what circumstances had lead me to such an enjoyable run.  First:  it had been a long day (unhappy teething baby!) and I was grouchy about not having done anything, it felt good to have fit in my exercize; it felt good not to have screaming baby in my arms; it was in the evening and quiet; the path was covered in hard snow which made it easy on my body to keep running (I normally would have walked much more of the 5km); I didn’t have my ipod (perhaps it helped to simply have an hours of tranquility); I was wearing running gear (this again might sound odd, but I tend to go out it left over college t-shirts and sweat pants, but for winter running warmer clothes are required and I bought winter running pants & a jacket; the outfit contributes to me not feeling like a blob).  

I know that one day does not make me an olympic runner, but one day of enjoying running makes it much easier to have another day of running.


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