What does Mrs Claus do?

The joys of a 3 year old with a never ending case of the why’s:

What does Mrs Claus do when Santa’s away delivering presents?  If Santa says Ho, Ho, Ho, what does Mrs Claus say?  Why does Santa leave some of our presents unwrapped?  Why aren’t Santa’s presents dirty if they’ve gone through the chimney?  Is there more than one Santa?  Why do you say there is only one Santa, but at Santa time there are pictures of Santa everywhere?

All this on the way to school from the back seat… as if traffic weren’t stressful enough.  I believed in Santa until I was eight or nine.  What’s with all the questions?


Why are some muscles so strong?

And others so pathetically weak?  A few months ago, I noted that I’m a cylinder, now I’m simply off balance.   Biceps curls,  no problem bring them on.  Quad muscles, check.  Anything involving my calfs, forget it.  They are stumpy little muscles shortened from years of high heeled shoes and boots, and there’s no way those are going away.  Tricep exercizes, next to impossible to execute properly as those muscles cannot lift more than a pea.

Thank goodness I’m going to bootcamp and working all these muscles.  My life thus far has created an imbalance and there’s no reason to think that things were going to even out all on their own.

Menu For The Week – Feb 21

Since I have to go through the trouble of planning our menu for the week and then heading out to the grocery store armed with a list, I thought I’d start sharing it with the world, and perhaps save someone some time.

Here’s what we have planned for this week:



Saturday – Leftovers
Sunday – Persian Soup with Beans and Spinach
Monday – Leftovers
Tuesday – Lemon Parsley Sole with Asparagus and Cauliflower
Wednesday – Fattoush Salad
Thursday – Birthday Dinner: Roast Beef, Baked Potato, Green Beans, Roast Tomatoes,  Flourless Chocolate cake
Friday – Roast Beef Salad

green Beans
2 red onion
2 onions
greens (salad stuff) 

sour cream
16 oz bitter sweet chocolate

pita chips
bread crumbs
whole wheat linguini
kidney beans
canneli beans

Roast Beef
Sole (400g) 

Staples & Other Groceries:
Frozen Orange Juice 
Tonic Water

There’s a reason they make exercize clothes

When I came home from a run last week, my three year old was delighted.  “Mom , I can see your toes” he squealed, followed by  “You should throw those socks in the garbage”.  He was right staring up at me was a nicely painted big toenail.  It had gone right through my socks.  My regular socks (new girly pink ones from Walmart — yes I am penny pinching these days and shopping at Walmart).  

Not one to quickly learn a lesson, I went off for my longest run/walk to date on Tuesday and picked up another running tip:  don’t wear lace underwear!  It chafes.  Now understand that I only own about 2 pair of underwear with any kind of lace, but for some reason they were on today

Ahhh… what’s the etiquette for adjusting your underwear while running? How uncomfortable do you have to get before it’s ok to adjust?  

I was left with the obvious conclusion: there’s a reason they make sporting equipment and it’s not simply so people look good or so that they have an excuse to do more shopping.  At some point, you just need to get practical with the basics: socks, underwear and sports bras. 


I have yet to tackle the latter and have opted for a layering system.  One thing at a time.