Please don’t feed the animals

I went on a nature adventure with my oldest today. It was great to be outside walking around in the woods.  There’s green space not too far from the house and once you’re 5 minutes down the path you can’t see anything but trees, bog and fields.  We love exploring there.  

As it was a nice day, I wasn’t surprised to encounter other families out on the trails.  I was surprised when I came across a mom and her daughter walking with a giant bag of sliced apples, carrots and other ‘rabbit food’.  They asked if I’d seen any deer.  They were out looking for deer so that they could feed them.  Yikes!  Deer are wild animals.  It’s not like they were tempting tigers or anything, but never the less, the deers in the forest need to learn to fend for themselves.  

I was further unnerved when we did see deer.  In fact we got to see many families as we continued through the woods.  The young ones would come closer to you when you made noise (as a pair of three year olds can do without a moments hesitation!)  We even had one little dear follow us down the path for 50 meters, and my little one was crying wanting to know why he couldn’t go pet it.  

Then he asked why the little ones didn’t have antlers.  This offered me a perfect entre into why we couldn’t pat the animal:  because it’s a baby and it’s daddy will have antlers.


No menu – March 22

I have no menus this week.  I’m off to visit friends who need some help this week.  I’m sure I’ll be cooking there, but not sure what it will be.  The boys at home are going to fend for themselves.  Hopefully that will help empty out more of the freezer.

The curious incident of the pink boots for a boy

One can feel nothing but ridiculous when you realize that the biggest debate you’ve ever had with your spouse about your kids has to do with whether your pre-schooler is allowed to have pink rain boots for Spring.  My oldest loves all things bright and pretty, especially pink.  Given a choice of colours, pink is the answer even if it’s not one of the options.

And so the story goes….  Not wanting to spend a fortune on boots that are only going to last one season, so I went to Walmart in search of some $10 boots. While searching for the right size amongst the $7 boots (yay!), I hear ‘they have pink, I want pink, look mommy there are pink boots’ coming from the cart.  When faced with the unending cascade of ‘why’s’ about why he couldn’t have pink boots, I realized that there wasn’t a good answer.  In the cart they go.

But I don’t understand all things man.  “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”, says my husband, “but he’s going to get teased” .  We discuss.  Long story short: there is nothing wrong with boys in pink;  he’d get laughed at by his teachers at school (they’d try and hide it, but would be snickering or more… we know because they can’t contain the giggles when he dresses himself and shows up in a collared shirt on backwards).  Not worth they hit to the boy’s self esteem at this age to have them laughing. 

So it’s back to Walmart to return the pink boots and off to the fancy shoe boutique to pick up a pair of fancy, bright, boys boots that will likely cost more than mine.

Please pass the octopus

I don’t want sushi for supper.

Do you know what sushi is?

Yes, it’s sushi.  I don’t want sushi.

And so continued the reparte on the way to dinner last night.  When we arrived at our destination they had pictures on their menu.  The tune quickly changed to: I want that. I want that.  Are those french fries (tempura)?  I want that.  What’s that?  I want it.  

Never have I seen this boy eat quite so much.  He peeled the nori wrapper off his hand roll and ate the seaweed first.  When the main course arrived, we asked: would you like a piece of egg?  To which the answer was: No, I want the octopus.  

The whole dinner was hysterical.  My husband and kept looking at each wondering when the boy was going to stop inhaling sushi.  The restaurant did not get their moneys worth from their kids 3 and under eat free policy last night.

Menu – March 16

It’s Canadian Living week at our house.  For no good reason, other than it was in front of me, I picked almost all our meals from this month’s Canadian Living.  Here’s what we have on the go:

Monday: Samosa Pie + salad
Tuesday: Pasta with beans and pesto (-cheese, +kidney beans, +kale)
Wednesday: California hand rolls
Thursday: Italian meat loaf with kale
Friday: Roast chicken, rice, squash
Saturday: Chicken Soup
Sunday: Curry (frozen from freezer)

Tips from Savy Moms came just in time

Savy Mom’s most recent post is timely for me.  Just as I’m thinking about what to do with a baby and pre-schooler on an immensely long plane trip, they’ve posted some advice about kids and long car trips.  Most of it involves shopping for some pricey toys and contraptions, but for all travels plain, train, automobile and bus that are coming my way in April.  I’m might just fork out the $$$.

I’m going to start scouring for other travel tips and tricks.  Let me know if you have any.

Oprah’s doing my work for me!

Love her for that!  Well, love her for much more than that, but I digress. 

She did a show yesterday on healthy family eating.  It was mostly about families that are spending an astronomical amount on takeout, but did include some great recipe ideas.  Her celebrity chef’s all provided meal plans for their target families for a week and posted them on her site.

That should save me some work this week, especially as the menus include grocery lists.