I thought I was just slacking off…

But no, I wasn’t taking it easy, taking a break from loosing weight, not being as diligent at tracking my food.  No, that’s not what I’ve been doing, I’ve been flat out off the weight loss plan and gaining weight.  Yikes.   I’m up 2lb from January 1. 

One of the things that weight watchers emphasizes, is that you can eat anything you want, you just need to manage portions, eat when you’re hungry and make healthy choices most of the time.  At this stage it seems to me like this is a bit like telling an alcoholic that there are benefits to be had from red wine and to drink it in moderation.   There is no moderation for me.  If I eat dessert, I eat another the next day and then another the day after that.  Next thing you know you’re eating a spoonful of Nutella and wondering why the weight isn’t coming off.  Yes, the later is a true story.  The Nutella was pitched in the bin after that incident.  There is no moderation around here.


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