It’s worth a try

As may or may not be apparent from my posts, we’ve been trying to conserve cash these days.  Our current financial mix has made us cautious: of never ending threat of layoffs, watching our savings drop by almost half, having the bank send us a note saying they are increasing our interest rate by 1%, because with prime so low they aren’t making enough money (yes, they actually said this) and of course, there’s the fact that only one of us is working at the moment.  

Hence why I’ve been coupon clipping and why this week we’re eating out of the freezer.  In fact my whole grocery list for the week is: salad stuff, eggplant, fruit to make baby puree (we have tons of fruit for us) and milk.  I’ve been able to find 7 meals that work from the freezer ingredients. 

I visited the Campbell’s site to pick up a coupon and found their budget cookbook.  It’s work a try.  We don’t eat a lot of packaged food, but some of these the only packaged food is broth, for which I will substitute the homemade brother which takes up an entire milk crate in my deep freeze.


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  1. I know what you are saying – doing triathlons can be expensive! Personally, I consider myself to have a job that love that gives me ability to pursue this activity. I’m VERY fortunate.



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