Our big adventure

We’re headed on vacation for the month of April.  This is the other reason why we’re so money conscious these days.  We’ve saved a ton of cash and are going to be moving it from our happy savings account and into the hands of the travel industry — planes, trains, and automobiles, along with a couple of apartment rentals.  

The four of us are off to Europe on April 1, which means I need to start getting organized.  We want to be reasonably self sufficient when it comes to moving around, which means all our gear, plus the two boys need to be transportable by my husband and I.  If I were really organized, I’d have been hauling the baby around in the back pack for the past couple of months.

One of the bloggers I follow for coupons recently posted about her trip with kids to Florida. She mentions that there is a debate amongst parents about whether or not to sedate your children while traveling.  Are you kidding me?  There is actual debate about whether it’s a good idea to drug your children?

That being said, I haven’t taken two kids to Europe before and am nervous about the overnight flight.  Perhaps I’ll be the champion advocate of Gravol when I get home.


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