Menu – March 7-13

I misplaced the little slip of paper where I wrote down my menu for this week.  Good thing we were eating out of the freezer… I’ve simply been defrosting stuff so far.  Here’s the official menu:

Saturday – chilli, apple & fennel salad
Sunday – Portobello mushrooms with tahini over rice
Monday – braised cabbage with beans and rice; p164
Tuesday – tian of chickpeas, eggplant and tomato; p164
Wednesday – stuffed tomatoes, p171
Thursday – random leftover container from the freezer
Friday – Ful medames (need to look up recipe)

My page numbers all refer to my favorite cookbook of the moment:  The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

I’ve planning my menus and recording my grocery lists on those little subscription inserts that overwhelm magazines.  I refuse to spend $4.95 on a pad of paper with a magnet and tried to make a homemade version, but it wouldn’t stay on the fridge.  Not sure how the egg farmers got my name, but I got a ‘get crackin’ shopping list pad in the mail this week and am thrilled to not be scrounging for magazine inserts for the next little while.


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