Menu – March 16

It’s Canadian Living week at our house.  For no good reason, other than it was in front of me, I picked almost all our meals from this month’s Canadian Living.  Here’s what we have on the go:

Monday: Samosa Pie + salad
Tuesday: Pasta with beans and pesto (-cheese, +kidney beans, +kale)
Wednesday: California hand rolls
Thursday: Italian meat loaf with kale
Friday: Roast chicken, rice, squash
Saturday: Chicken Soup
Sunday: Curry (frozen from freezer)


One Comment

  1. Have you made any of this yet? I recommend the Samosa Pie. It was outstanding. However, if you’re tempted to make the chicken soup recipe from this months Canadian Living. Don’t do it. Yikes! It doesn’t resemble pho even a little bit. Pull out another cookbook, pull out epicurious, anything, but do not make this recipe.



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