Please pass the octopus

I don’t want sushi for supper.

Do you know what sushi is?

Yes, it’s sushi.  I don’t want sushi.

And so continued the reparte on the way to dinner last night.  When we arrived at our destination they had pictures on their menu.  The tune quickly changed to: I want that. I want that.  Are those french fries (tempura)?  I want that.  What’s that?  I want it.  

Never have I seen this boy eat quite so much.  He peeled the nori wrapper off his hand roll and ate the seaweed first.  When the main course arrived, we asked: would you like a piece of egg?  To which the answer was: No, I want the octopus.  

The whole dinner was hysterical.  My husband and kept looking at each wondering when the boy was going to stop inhaling sushi.  The restaurant did not get their moneys worth from their kids 3 and under eat free policy last night.


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