French women really don’t get fat

I haven’t read the book, but I have certainly heard enough about it when it was first published.  The concept sounded ridiculous to me.  I always figured that French women were thin because they didn’t eat any of the great French cooking and food that was around them.  Whether it was will power, cigarettes or just plain starvation, I didn’t spend any time trying to figure out.  

Well all that to say, that after a month in France, I’m down 6lb.  That’s completely incomprehensible to me and certainly not due to any restraint or effort on my part.  Cheese and wine were an integral part of our vacation.


One Comment

  1. Just a couple of thigns. I don’t know when you made this video but from what I’ve seen and coming from a girl you haven’t offended me at all and actually did the opposite in one video when you said all women are beautiful. The second thing is lose weight for your health, not because of other people. Personally I think you are hott in every video and I am hott and unavailable so I hope that means something lol. But seriously you are so awesome and I agree with most everything you say. The people



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