We’re back

Tired, but back.  A month of traveling with an infant and pre-schooler should is enough to give anyone a few more gray hairs, nevertheless, I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.  

While away, I realized that I’m not yet much of a blogger, if I travel and don’t bring my laptop with me to give updates.  We were trying to pack light, and still had way too many bags.  Hauling a 5lb laptop with me everywhere was just one too many things.  I tried to keep track of tips and tricks we discovered both through great foresight on our part and through sheer stupidity on our part.  

Unfortunately we’re away again for another week this week, to visit a sick family member.  My only worry for this trip is that I’m going to haul as much crap as I did for my month in Europe as I need for a week in Canada.


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