My baby’s standing

Yes… all you moms out there are asking yourselves: What standing?  Isn’t he 9 months old?  Wasn’t he doing that back in January?  

My little guy pulled himself to standing in his crib today.  He did it twice in a row, so I know it’s not a fluke.  I’m thrilled.  He’s so cute: holding on for dear life with all his muscles tensed, screaming the house down.  Ok… the screaming part wasn’t the best, but he was adorable standing there in is Barbarapapa outfit.

I don’t know if it’s being over-tired, being older, being a second time mom or what, but I’m mellowing.  

All our friends and neighbors have babies the same age as us and these babies are a crew of walking, cruising and crawling fanatics.  I half expect to see these kids driving their parents cars around the neighborhood.  I’m finally ready to let my guy sit on the hardwood floor without fear of him toppling over and giving himself a concussion.   He’s officially crawled (at our house, two forward crawls = crawling), but he can’t replicate it. Mostly, he wiggles himself backwards and rolls around.   

I find his efforts adorable and fantastic and haven’t the slightest concern or care that others are already so mobile.  In fact, I am secretly a bit happy, as I haven’t had to baby proof the house again.


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