CSA and Organic Delivery Services

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been able to find regarding Ottawa CSA and organic delivery programs.  It’s not an exhaustive list.  In fact, it’s limited to farms with websites, so I must be missing a plethora of options.  I’m going to try out one of the services that delivers to my neck of the woods and will likely move to the “Ottawa Organic” group when the fall/winter hits and I’ve become accustomed to having everything delivered.

Aubin Farm

  • Based in Spencerville, they deliver from the west end to center
  • No web site:  call 613.658.5721 for information
  • Meat (beef, lamb, chickens & turkeys) products and eggs are also available
  • Apparently Indian cuisine can be cooked to order!
  • You can met htem at the Brockville Market on Saturdays (8-1) or Kemtville Market on Sundays (2-6)

Bryson Farms

  • Organic & Local
  • Home delivery to your cooler, services almost all areas of Ottawa
  • Year round delivery (not sure how they do this with only their produce)
  • Price: two persons $45, four persons $65, six persons $85 – all prices per week
  • Other Offerings:  Beef sometimes available; tomato and potato baskets available in season; starting at Parkdale Market in July 2009

Connaught Farms

  • Organic & Local
  • CSA – you buy a share of the season’s produce (16-20 weeks of produce)
  • No home delivery
  • Price:  $750 if picked up at the farm or $950 delivered to Ottawa (Canada Care Centre, behind the Canadian Tire on Heron Road at Bank)
  • Other Offerings:  Egg orders available; Meat, poultry, breads and other goods available at farm store; requires 5 hours farm volunteer work

Ottawa Organics

  • Organic, not always local
  • Home delivery to your cooler, services almost all of Ottawa
  • Year round delivery
  • Price: $25 small basket, $34 medium basket, $40 large basket — all per week
  • Other Offerings:  Add bread, extra fruit, organic milk, organic grains & staples and other grocery items to your order

Riverglen Biodynamic Farm

  • ‘Biodynamic’, but not organic
  • CSA – purchasing a share of the season’s produce
  • Price:  $550 membership fee entitles members to produce once a week, for 17 weeks (about $32.50/week)
  • Pickup only – 3 locations: Farm (Carling & Moodie), Wellington Village and Britannia
  • Full for 2009 season

Saffire Farms

  • Organic & Local
  • CSA — purchasing a share of the season’s produce
  • Delivery:  services primarily the west and central parts of Ottawa
  • Price: $500 for the season of weekly produce + $75 delivery fee

Veggie Patch

  • Local & Organic:  produce grown in community areas, not at a specific farm
  • CSA: purchasing a share of produce for the season
  • Delivery – many parts of Ottawa, but nothing west of Island Park
  • Price: weekly basket and a bi-weekly basket which are $500 and $250 respectively for the season

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