Have you heard of this? Probably.  I’m a little late to the ‘community sustainable agriculture’ party.  I can’t imagine a better idea:  local growers deliver a box of fruits and vegetables to your door every week, two weeks or month.  Depending on the farm/co-op you pay for the season, or per delivery.  Some farmers are organic, some are not; other farms use only their produce, other’s act as liaison for a couple of other farms; some farms have cuts of meat and eggs available.  

A friend of mine sent me a link to an Ottawa based CSA in the winter, but they didn’t deliver to my neighborhood, so I let the matter drop.  Since then, I’ve discovered that there are farms not 10 minutes from my house (who knew there were these little pocket farms in the city!!) that have a CSA program, and they are full.  Once I started looking into the matter I realized that there are so many options, that it will be hard to pick one farm/co-op.  I’m going to start cataloguing pros, cons and options of the various farms to help me, friends and family find what works best for our situation.

I’m only looking at stuff in Ottawa, but a quick google of: CSA or organic delivery and your city name should get you started in the right direction.


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