No menu plan for this week

That’ not a good sign.  I have many, miscellaneous vegetables in the fridge, dried beans, spaghetti noodles and spices in the cupboard, but not plan.  My husband’s going back to work this week, which means I’m home along with the boys.  It will be hard enough to make dinner, but without a plan the week will not be a showcase for my best cooking. 


We bought a ‘lobok’ last week at the grocery store.  When my son asks what something is, I usually try to tell him.  We’re allowed to pick up one thing that’s not on our list at the store, and last week it was a lobok. I looked it up and apparently you can use it in place of “Daikon radish” and I know I’ve seen Daikon in recipes.  Now to scour the cookbooks during the boys nap time to find recipes.


Coincidentally, when I googled lobok, one of the first responses to come up, was a definition provided by our grocery store.  I love Produce Depot.  For consistency of quality they are unmatched in the city.   That’s a bit of a fib, Herb and Spice on Wellington is better, but I simply can’t afford to shop there every week.  It was one thing when I was single and my bill there would hit $100, but when I shop there for my family now, I’m buying $150-200 worth of vegetables and and handful of staples, it’s simply not affordable.  

But back to Produce Depot.  It’s fabulous, there are two locations one at Carling and Maintland and the other on Bank Street.  You can’t go wrong with either location and the prices as fabulous, more often than not they are less that Loblaws or what ever the chain grocery store is near your house, but the flavour of their produces is fantastic.


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