Oprah giving bad advice? Say it’s not so!

Ok, well maybe I could see it.  Ever since this season started interviewing more guests via Skype than in person, my love affair with all things Oprah is fading.  

I didn’t get a chance to see the Suzanne Somers interview, but that seems to be the focus of this Toronto Star rant about the Oprah giving pseudo medical advice.  I’m surprised the Huffington Post wasn’t  good for an opion, if not a rant, but they simply reported that Suzanne was on the show.   The tongue in cheek commentary regarding Suzanne’s pseudo-science and Oprah’s apparent endorsement from Salon.com has been my favorite:  Add in Winfrey’s endorsement of the snake-oil self-help book, “The Secret,” and Dr. Phil, and you might be tempted to sue her for malpractice.

But I can’t get too down on Oprah, the woman has single handedly built a media model such that we’ve never seen before, she owns her own television show, which she can port to other networks or other media.  In that respect she reminds me of Ray Charles, who was one of the first musicians to negotiate for the rights to his own music, over the rights of the record company.  I’ll be disappointed next year if Oprah moves to either a specialty channel, or goes to a largely online format.  I’ll won’t special order Oprah TV, but would prefer to keep recording her on my PVR.


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  1. I love this idea! I am training for the Warrior Dash in September, a 3 mile olcsatbe course that involves, running, climbing, crawling on hands and knees through mud and jumping over fire! What’s your advice on training for this type of event, Dr. Bonny?Thanks! Sue



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