Hurry before Runway closes


Take a peak before it closes

Take a peak before it closes

This great little shop next to Bridgehead and MEC, on Richmond Road in Ottawa, is usually too expensive for my budget.  But the owner has decided to retire and as such all inventory is on sale for 50% off.  She’ll be open through WestFest, but will close some time before the end of July. 


If you’re looking for unique jewelry, purses, trendy shirts, jackets and scarves or just a great discount on a pair of Spanx, this is a location to checkout over the next couple of weeks.

I include a picture of the store, just in case, like me you’ve walked by, but not looked up.  I had always thought the store was called Orage, because that’s what’s written in the window.  Had I looked up (or had I been even slightly more aware of trendy ski gear), I would have known a long time ago that the store’s name was Runway.


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