Menu – June 14

  • Sunday – Black Bean Soft Tacos I’m going to wing it, but have linked to a recipe
  • Monday – Lentil Soup with Yogurt & Indian Spiced Spaghetti Squash (with the leftover squash from the other night)
  • Tuesday – Roast Chicken (thai peanut marinade) with roast beans and carrots (these were what was on sale in my produce section)
  • Wednesday – Roll your own California Rolls – It’s a lot of work to make sushi and depressing to see destructed so quickly by a three year old. This way everyone has fun with assembly and I don’t spend nearly as long in the kitchen
  • Thursday – Vietnamese Style Chicken Salad – using left over chicken from Tuesday
  • Friday – Jicama, Watercress & Grapefruit Salad – I prefer grapefruit to the listed oranges



Vegatable oil
Frozen organic shrimp (no carried by Loblaws… no salt added), or imitation crab 
Soft tortillas
Shelled peanuts
Coconut Milk
Anchovies (or paste)
Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Nori sheets

Sour Cream

2 vegetables – carrots & beans
Cillantro x 2
Green onion x2
Cabbage (or bag of slaw)
Avocado x3
Grapefruit x2
Limes x3

Already in my fridge: onion, garlic, lettuce, salsa, rice, lentils, yogurt, spices, whole chicken


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