On my night stand – June 14

Vegan LivingAt the moment I’m perusing a couple of vegan books.  

  • Complete Idiots Guide Vegan Living: This is fairly instructive and clearly highlights that anyone who wants to label themselves ‘vegan’ had better be prepared for a whole slew of lifestyle changes. But if you’re like me and you’re looking for ideas for vegetarian substitutions, this has the bases covered.  I’d always heard that vegans had trouble getting the write kinds of proteins and that it was complicated to get the right mix of amino acids.  This author indicated that soy offers a complete protein, and that soy together with other protein (legumes, beans, watercress — 80% protein… who knew?) and you should be more than covered.  
  • This Crazy Vegan Life: This one will not be on my night stand for long. It’s a quirky anecdotal book about a vegan who ate vegan ‘junk food’, got sick and then became a natural food junky.  Thriving on mushroom teas and some kind of carrot + chinese radish tea.  If I was looking for a rambling story, or a quirky diet plan, this might be of interest.

No, I’m not planning on becoming vegan.  At the same time, we’re not eating a lot of meat and someone asked me if it was ok for my kids.  I like to be firm in my answers when it comes to health and safety of my kids and I had no idea if a vegetarian (or mostly) diet was good for kids.  It turns out it’s great for them.  To the next person that asks I’ll be firm and point out that not only is it good for them, but it’s also good I’ve never taken my kids to McDonald’s (for shawarma, but not McDonald’s).  

Early this year, the Globe and Mail had an article about patients who needed to reform their diets; those who followed a vegan plan were better able to stick to their ‘nutritious’ eating plan.  While no one in my family has a serious illness (knock on wood), the point made in the article stuck with me.  Would a vegan diet make it easier for us to more consistently make healthy choices?


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