Cosmetics & Cancer

While I haven’t yet had a chance to do a complete run down of everything in my medicine cabinet, my first couple of product searches on this database left me a little uncomfortable.  We did a good job a couple of years ago switching over soaps, laundry detergent, toothpaste and deodorant.  I never got around to switching my makeup.  I love MAC and didn’t want to go through the pain of expensive trial and error organic makeup.

The gist of the database is that a not-for-profit has created a database correlates ingredients for cosmetics  (32,000 products and growing) and correlates to a host of EPA, FDA and other gov’t reports on hazardous and carcinogenic materials.  The result is that your product gets a score between 0 (low concern) and 10 (high concern).

Gradually, our old products came back onto the shelf.  It started with the deodorant.  Nothing natural ever worked.  From there it was toothpaste, and so on and so on.  With my return to work immanent, I’ve been contemplating a return to the makeup counter, but after a quick pass through this database, it looks like I’ll be shopping at Rainbow Foods and Lilou Organics for most of my stuff.

Haven’t tried Lilou yet?  Well, it’s worth a look.  It’s run by a lady out of her house, just outside Ottawa.  She’s done the research for us and picked out a host of great mom, baby, skin care, sun care and makeup products.  It’s all available off her site and if you place an order for more than $100, the shipping is free.


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