Family Travel Checklist

Over at “I’m an organizing junky”, Laura has ways to keep us organized even as we pack for vacation.  She’s got a check list that she uses for her kids and husband every time they go away. We take a different approach, my husband and I split up the boys and each of us in charge of packing for one of them. I’m not sure that our way is the most efficient, but I love that we are equally involved and that there’s only a 50/50 chance that I’ll be the one who forgot to pack pajamas.  Not only that, if I’m going to forget an item, I’d likely forget the same thing for everyone (aka shoes… oops!), this way there will only ever be two of us walking around barefoot.

What I find to be a bigger challenge is remembering all the to do stuff at home.  Here’s my list:

  • Arrange for mail pickup with a neighbor
  • Cancel newspaper delivery
  • Change voice mail and e-mail alerts
  • Book the dog in the kennel
  • Notify schools (it drives them crazy when all of a sudden my little guy doesn’t show up for a couple of days)
  • Check the fridge produce drawer — give it away or compost what’s left
  • Notify the alarm company
  • Notify Visa/MasterCard, as they always seem to put a hold on my card when there are out of country charges
  • Give grandparents our itinerary so that they can follow our journey and reach us if required.

One Comment

  1. Consider also the following pre-travel preparations: put a couple of lights on timers, unplug garage door opener, adjust thermostat, arrange for snow removal, run (or empty) the dishwasher, advise library to suspend books-on-request, water house plants, turn off water to washing machine.
    I never know what do say on my voice-mail greeting when I won’t be able to check for messages. Maybe it would be best to just disconnect it while I’m away….phone rings, no answer.



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