Got Bacon?

The Piggy Market is a new Ottawa deli, focused on… you guessed it pork based products.  Their pork comes from a local farmer and most of it is processed on site.  If I was going to eat prepared meats, this would be my source.  They’ve got sausages, ham, bacon and according to friends they are all delicious.  Looking for the complete story on this place, wander in an talk to the owner or read the profile from the Citizen.

They also sell ice cream!Why am I writing about a store where I won’t buy the meat? Because I’m happy to see local farmers and businesses succeeding.  If I plan to be in the neighborhood on Thursday-Sunday I might call ahead to reserve a rotisserie.

Clearly designed for foot traffic, it’s located on Winston Avenue in Westboro.  If like me you have no idea where Winston is, it’s the alley across the street from MEC on Richmond Road.  Google maps is misleading, it looks like the streets connect, but Winston deadends at Richmond Road.


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