On my night stand: June 21

This week I have two new additions to my night stand:

  • Stephanie Meyer's 'Adult' Book

    Stephanie Meyer's 'Adult' Book

    The Host: A Novel: This is perhaps a bit too scary for me. The first chapters gave me a nightmare. But as with all scary books that I start, I must now continue through the adventures of the two main characters to find some kind of happy or at least acceptable ending, so that I’m not left wondering. It’s not a testament to Ms Meyer that I can’t put the book down, I’m just like that with anything suspenseful. It’s why I usually read fiction and not thrillers. The Host: A Novel got added to my reading list when I found out that her earlier works (The Twilight Saga Collection) were targeted at tweens and young teens. This knowledge explained why  I was able to speed read them, but not my fascination with the good vampires.  Long story short, I decided to check out Meyer’s book targeted at adults.

  • SAD no longer Vegan saves the day

    SAD no longer Vegan saves the day

    The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention: Ok. Last Vegan book. I promise. This one tries to scare you into becoming a Vegan, by attributing North America’s rising rates of cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and other serious illnesses to SAD (standard American diet). While I love the SAD moniker and appreciate that this book is thoroughly researched, it’s tough slogging through this book. I’m happy it’s Father’s Day today and that our family will be having a meat based BBQ. The vegetarian entrees will likely continue to dominate menus, but they won’t take over completely


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