How to get kicked off a plane

Well given my opinion about giving unnecessary drugs to my kids, and the fact that my son once sang “the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round” for an hour straight on a train to Toronto (not the whole song mind you, just that portion of the lyrics), it’s likely that I too would have kicked off the Continental flight.

I love the author’s suggestion of having a kids only section of the plane.  On our flight back from Europe earlier this spring, the top section of the 747 was almost exclusively parents with children.  There were 4 week olds and twelve year olds and everything in between.  It worked out really well.  It reminded me of baby movie days, in that there’s an expectation of some noise and somehow while one baby/child might be loud, once you get a handful of them squwaking, it becomes background noise.


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