Be careful what you wish for

When I was pregnant the first time around, Walk the Line came out on DVD.  We enjoyed the movie, and picked up a couple of Johnny Cash CDs from iTunes.  So far, a harmless little story our taste in music.

When our son came along and he had colic, it was by complete accident that we discovered that he liked Johnny Cash.  I was dancing  him around when the CD player (yes we still had one in those days) switched CDs and right from the beginning of “Hello, my name is Johnny Cash”, he stopped crying.  Even the car was of no help to us in those early days. But the car, plus a Johnny Cash CD and we were good for at least an hour of peace.

This was a cute and quirky story that we got to share with friends and family.  Fast forward to the age of 3.5 and he’s walking around the house with his MP3 player (love this thing), which is of course loaded with:  Johnny Cash.

To fully appreciate this story, listen to this YouTube clip while you read the rest :


Why did he have a beer for breakfast?
I’m not allowed to have dessert for breakfast, why did he have a beer?
See it’s ok to wear dirty shirts

At this point I pressed next on the MP3 to skip the song.  We discussed the song and decided that Johnny Cash must be singing about opposites:  beer is a drink some people have at supper time, not breakfast and shirts should be clean and not dirty.  I should have pressed the stop button, as the next song was a Boy Named Sue, which is beeped out when the boy in the song calls his dad an SOB.

Mom, my music player is broken; it’s beeping.  Why is it beeping?  I can’t hear the words!


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