The perfect hostess gift

It’s local.  It’s unique. It’s only $10.

Staying current on up and coming musicians and being a working mom don’t always go hand in hand, but it’s just been made easier by my friend Jackie.  She’s produced CD covering unsigned, up and coming Canadian talent.  You can pick-up the CD at the downtown Chapters here in Ottawa.  Not based in Ottawa? Contact her through her myspace page and you’ll no doubt be able to work something out.

You can read the background behind the project in today’s Citizen.  If you’re looking to be extra hip, you can attend the CD launch party Thursday, June 25 at the Parliament Pub’s outdoor patio @ 9pm.

The CD’s targeted at the tourist market, but I love that it’s got local artists and even though I’m based in Ottawa it’s going to be my default hostess gift for the rest of the season.


One Comment

  1. Neat idea. If Jackie is ever interested in doing such a project in Newfoundland she may want to check out the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival which is held each year on the first weekend in August. (This year Aug 7-9) It is held in Bannerman Park in the centre of St. John’s and they had a special stage set up (The Neil Murray Stage) for new budding artists. This event is very well attended during the 3 day period – they feature popular artists/groups (both local and from across Canada) on their main attractions on their main stage each night. Their website address is: Gerry and I love to attend this event.

    Take care Michele.




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