Sugar & Substitutions

And I’m not talking about sucralose or aspartame, both of which are on my 100% avoid list.  However, the natural food store in my neck of the woods created a great pamphlet regarding sugar substitutes.  Different substitutes work better or worse, depending on the original intent of sugar in the recipe.  When I read the pamphlet, high school science and home-ec memories memories started skirting and dancing at the fringes of my memory

Here are some of the tips:

  • In recipes, you can usually cut the amount by 1/4 without affecting outcome.  If the sugar is only in for taste, then you can cut further.
  • Honey — good for sweetening and baking; reduce cooking temperature in recipe as it brows at a lower temperature
  • Agave Syrup: sweeter than sugar, so less is needed, gives moist texture to baked goods.  (We have some in the cupboard, but I’ve never known what to do with it.  “Off Her Cook” has been experimenting, so we can learn from her)
  • Date Sugar: great with whole grain baking; watch carefully when cooking to avoid over browning
  • Apple Sauce: acts as a fat and fiber substitute; for best results combine with stevia
  • Stevia: increase liquids by 1/3 cup; will not brown, will not feed yeast (I’ve always found this one leaves a bitter after taste)

There most important tip is that: sugar is sugar.  “Too much sugar in any for and will increase fat deposits”.

Other sources for sugar info:


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