What are you going to do about it?

There are moments when I think I must be doing a terrible job as a mother ~ these moments include ones such as when my son yells that he is going to shoot me with a gun and throw me out of the house.  And then there are moments when I think: wow, he’ going to grow up to be a great man.

I had one of the latter moments last week.  My husband and I decided to fire our nanny (more on that later, but yes, we let her go after 3 days and no back-up plan in place!).  Once we let her know, it was time to let our son know that she wouldn’t be back the next day.

Sitting across the table from my son, I opened with:  I have something serious to talk to you about

Eyes look up at me, quiet OK, eyes back down.

Me:  Mommy and Daddy don’t always like the way the nanny talks to you; we don’t think she has enough respect for your ideas and your abilities.

Eyes up…pause…eyes down…pause…eyes up:  What are you going to do about it?

My heart fluttered.  To me that was a perfect response.  Reflective and thoughtful.  He knew he was important and he knew mom and dad would fix the problem.


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