Sticks, Guns with a Side of Meat Eating Animals

We are fortunate that our kids get to spend some time with their grandparents.  After a visit we usually get an update: he ate, he did (not) sleep, he was (not) well behaved.  Sometimes we even get a handful of pictures from the day. 

After today’s visit with my dad, I received the following update:


Unprompted references to:

  • Meat-eating animals ~ 4
  • Meat-eating coyotes ~ 2 (included above)
  • Soldiers ~ 8
  • Weapons
    • Sticks ~ 2
    • Guns ~ 10  (more or less)
  • Bad guys ~ 10 (more or less)
  • The Living Christ ~ 0
  • Dead Jesus ~ 1

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed until my sides hurt when I read this.  My older guy, the one who’s about to start school, is having a bit of a love affair with all things church/God/Jesus at the moment.  While it can be a bit annoying to have a three year old proselytize you, he has a frame of reference that cracks me up.  When he wants to know how old something is, he asks:

Is it before grandpa, but after Jesus? 
Or, is it before Jesus and after the dinosaurs?




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