Good Ideas ~ Weekend without the kids

Most of our friends seem to fall into one of two categories:  “OMG I would never leave my baby alone over night”… or “Three is the perfect age to start leaving kids at home while I go on a real vacation”.  We’re falling somewhere in the middle.  I wouldn’t want to leave my kids for a whole week, I do enough of that traveling for work.  But a weekend?  That’s a different story.  We just came back (I say just, becuase it’s Thursday and I haven’t had a chance to do laundry since we got home on Sunday) from a weekend in NYC. 

New York is fun with kids, but it’s great without them.  We went to see a play (together).  Last time we staggered our shows ~ one of us went out and the other stayed at the hotel with sleeping baby.  We shopped in real stores, and even managed to get out of FAO Schwartz without too much damage. The other great benefit of being away for 4 days, was being called by my first name.  Strange how even those little things make a difference.  Big things help too, my early birthday present was a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.  They are beautiful and are currently sitting on our dresser so I can look at them. 

It will likely be another year or two before we head out on our own like that, but I’ll be looking forward to it.


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