29 Days of Giving?

At first this didn’t sound like much, but then I started asking myself what would I do every day for a month, or from now until Christmas. My quick mental tally didn’t hit 29.

Where is this coming from? Well I was reading Body&Soul magazine last week (I had the flu… my reading selections deteriorate) and there was an article about this woman who started a with a challenge to herself to do give 29 gifts in 29 days. Christmas with a large extended family did not count. From that one month of giving, she started doing it again, and again and then started sharing the idea with others. Now there’s a whole web site dedicated to the whole idea of 29 days of giving. The idea behind why she started this campaign resonated with me. The focus was to stop being so internally focused. I’ve been finding myself saying “when I get through this patch, I’ll start doing XYZ again”. Well that was the plan in August, and September. I don’t even know what happened in October, and here we are in November. Clearly that “patch” is longer than anticipated and I need to find another way out. Perhaps 29 days (or 38 until Christmas) would be one way.

I couldn’t find the article from this month’s Body&Soul, but here’s one about the benefits of giving. Apparently it’s good for you (the old better to give than receive notion come true).

Needless to say, this article got me thinking: thinking about the toys I’m supposed to give to my nephew, about the friend I was supposed to call, about what to get my dad for Christmas. These people, and so many more give me a lot every day – chores, advise, shoulder to cry on, and lately I’ve been focused on me and my little family, just trying to get through work.

I’m not ready to commit to publishing my daily gift, as you likely don’t want to know that I gave the guy outside my office $5, and I’m not sure my ego could take letting the world know that my big gift for the day was returned a phone call after 2 months. I will however try to have regular updates, in the vein of: “things are going great, I love this giving thing”, to “what giving project? I’m not doing that any more.”








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