Eco Energy Audit – Part 2

We finally have our second ecoenergy report.  This is the report that lets us know whether all the work we’ve been doing over the past two years is paying off from an environmental  point of view.
We had an environmental score of 57 (out of 100) and have moved up to 74.  Typical houses of our age (built in the 60ies) are at 61 and the most energy efficient would be 83.  In theory the jump from 57 to 74 has allowed us to reduce our energy consuption by 45%.  This last point is more than true of our gas bill.  This change has also reduced our GHG (green house gas) emissions by 10.1 tonnes per year.
In terms of airleakage, we had a rating of 4.6 ACH.  This is the equivalent of a 1.2 sq foot hole in the side of the house.  To 3.39 AHC or .85 sq ft hole.  This doesn’t seem quite as dramatic.

For anyone out there that is in the midst of doing one of these things, all I have to say is document, document, document.  We have our energy report, but not rebate money just yet.  Turns our our “receipts” were really signed quotes, or receipts for installation, not the purchase of the product, and in some cases non-existant.  We’ve been taking pictures of the work, scouring through old photos to document the work in progress and doing a lot of back and forth to have the report submitted.