CSA Services In Ottawa – Summer 2010

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been able to find regarding Ottawa CSA and organic delivery programs.  It’s not an exhaustive list.  In fact, it’s limited to farms with websites, so I must be missing a plethora of options. We have used both Brysons and Ottawa Organics.  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the produce that came from Brysons.  It was delicious, beautiful, abuntant.  I am sorry we had to cancel when we moved away from Ottawa.

Aubin Farm

  • Based in Spencerville, they deliver from the west end to center
  • No web site:  call 613.658.5721 for information
  • Meat (beef, lamb, chickens & turkeys) products and eggs are also available
  • Apparently Indian cuisine can be cooked to order!
  • You can met htem at the Brockville Market on Saturdays (8-1) or Kemtville Market on Sundays (2-6)

Bryson Farms

  • Organic & Local
  • Home delivery to your cooler, services almost all areas of Ottawa
  • Year round delivery (not sure how they do this with only their produce)
  • Price: two persons $45, four persons $65, six persons $85 – all prices per week
  • Other Offerings:  Beef sometimes available; tomato and potato baskets available in season; starting at Parkdale Market in July 2009

Connaught Farms

  • Organic & Local
  • CSA – you buy a share of the season’s produce (16-20 weeks of produce)
  • No home delivery
  • Price:  $750 if picked up at the farm or $950 delivered to Ottawa (Canada Care Centre, behind the Canadian Tire on Heron Road at Bank)
  • Other Offerings:  Egg orders available; Meat, poultry, breads and other goods available at farm store; requires 5 hours farm volunteer work

Ottawa Organics

  • Organic, not always local
  • Home delivery to your cooler, services almost all of Ottawa
  • Year round delivery
  • Price: $25 small basket, $34 medium basket, $40 large basket — all per week
  • Other Offerings:  Add bread, extra fruit, organic milk, organic grains & staples and other grocery items to your order

Riverglen Biodynamic Farm

  • ‘Biodynamic’, but not organic
  • CSA – purchasing a share of the season’s produce
  • Price:  $550 membership fee entitles members to produce once a week, for 17 weeks (about $32.50/week)
  • Pickup only – 3 locations: Farm (Carling & Moodie), Wellington Village and Britannia
  • Full for 2009 season

Saffire Farms

  • Organic & Local
  • CSA — purchasing a share of the season’s produce
  • Delivery:  services primarily the west and central parts of Ottawa
  • Price: $500 for the season of weekly produce + $75 delivery fee

Veggie Patch

  • Local & Organic:  produce grown in community areas, not at a specific farm
  • CSA: purchasing a share of produce for the season
  • Delivery – many parts of Ottawa, but nothing west of Island Park
  • Price: weekly basket and a bi-weekly basket which are $500 and $250 respectively for the season


  1. Thank you so much for pulling this together! We are very happy with our vendor of choice – and I have been pointing others to your info!



  2. For Riverglen farm, the biodynamic system is a type of holistic organic farming.




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